Strength in Numbers...that's
what being a LIUNA
National Guard
Member means.

LIUNA derives its strength
from its large membership,
and uses that strength to make
sure your voice is heard
both in your home state
and in Washington DC.

LIUNA Local 1776
is the most active
National Guard employee organization in the country,
and we invite you to join us
so that we can be even
stronger on your behalf.





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Membership Dues (as of January 1, 2018)
Basic Membership:  $18.00 bi-weekly ($39.00 monthly)
Retired Members:   $  9.00 bi-weekly ($19.50 monthly)
- Dues were to $18.00 bi-weekly ($39.00 monthly) effective January 1, 2018, and will be frozen until 2021.
- Members using PayPal will pay an additional $1 monthly service fee.
- Dues listed above are in addition to the cost of any Union-sponsored product or service such as dental or other insurance or discount plan. 
 Why Join?  How to Join?

We are proudly affiliated with the Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA), an organization dedicated to standing up for working men and women throughout the United States and Canada. We are over 500,000 members strong! LIUNA Local 1776 represent National Guard dual and non-dual status technicians in 10 different states.

Our only job is to represent technicians. No one is more familiar with the ins and outs of the technician program than the Union. 

We've Got Your Back

The concept of 'Strength in Numbers' is tried and true. That's what Union Membership means for National Guard Technicians. Being collectively strong is important in order to be heard both at home and in Washington DC. You want to be sure that you're affiliated with the right organization. We're certain LIUNA is the right choice for National Guard Technicians. With that said...

If you want:

- To be heard in Washington DC
- To be heard by your state leaders
- To be better informed

And, if you believe that:

- The technician program needs to be changed
- If you're paid as a civilian you should be treated as one
- It's good to have someone look out for your job/paybenefits

Members vs. Non-Members

You've probably heard that the Union has to represent everyone regardless of whether they pay dues or not. Not true.

The Union is only obligated to represent all employees in four very specific situations:

1. Contract Negotiations
2. Grievance and Arbitration
3. Weingarten/Investigatory Examinations
4. Formal Meetings/Discussions

The Union has the right to require membership if an employee requests representation concerning a matter which falls outside of the areas listed above. This includes, but is not limited to, representation concerning performance-related matters, or after a disciplinary action has been proposed against an employee.
Non-Members seeking representation in matters outside of the areas listed above may be required to enroll as dues-paying members prior to representation, and may be responsible for some or all of the costs incurred by the Union during the course of representation. 

Member-Only Services and Events

In addition to the services listed above, Union members receive unlimited advice on all matters related to their Federal employment. The Union will also represent members at no extra charge during performance and disciplinary appeals. Also, for complex employment matters we can consult with our retained law firm, Minahan & Muther, who can provide expert advice on your options, and based on the merits of your case may represent you at a discounted rate. 

For those that want to be actively involved in the workplace the Union offers you the opportunity to receive training on Federal employment law, employee rights and benefits, and on how to become a Union representative. There are also opportunities to visit Washington DC and attend briefings with Members of Congress, the Department of Defense, the National Guard Bureau, and other organizations with influence over technician matters.

Member-Only Benefits

- $20k Accidental Life Insurance Policy at no extra cost
- Competitive Dental and Vision Plans (where available)
- Member-Only UnionPlus discounts

 It's Easy

1. Complete the Payroll Deduction Authorization
This form authorizes your employer to deduct your membership dues from your bi-weekly paycheck.  

2. Complete the New-Member Incentive Form 
In appreciation for becoming a new member the Union is going to reimburse you for your first two dues payments. Your recruiter will also receive a reimbursement in the same amount.

3. Complete the Life Insurance Beneficiary Card 
In order to ensure your benefits are disbursed in accordance with your wishes please make sure to fill this form out clearly.  


  You Can Also Pay Via PayPal!

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