Strength in Numbers...that's
what being a LIUNA
National Guard
Member means.

LIUNA derives its strength
from its large membership,
and uses that strength to make
sure your voice is heard
both in your home state
and in Washington DC.

LIUNA Local 1776
is the most active
National Guard employee organization in the country,
and we invite you to join us
so that we can be even
stronger on your behalf.





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Dental, Vision, and Other Insurance
 Available in All States (click the Ullico Logo)

Click Logo for a Quote
on Available Ullico Products

We offer a wide variety of insurance products in all of our states through our Ullico Private Exchange, including:

     -Dental Insurance
     -Vision Insurance
     -Life Insurance
     -Supplemental Insurance
  State-Specific Dental and Vision Plans
 If you reside in one of the following states, we also offer these additional dental plans:  
Arkansas California Illinois
 More About Dental & Vision Plans More About Life Insurance 

Dental & Vision Insurance and Discount Plans Exclusive for Our Members1

All current and retired dues-paying members in everyone of our states can take advantage of very competitive dental and vision plans. Our Dental plans offer very affordable rates along with a broad selection of local providers which equals value and convenience for our members and their dependents. We offer plans from trusted names like Assurant, Delta, Humana, and Dina.

While some of our Dental Plans include a vision benefit, we also offer a Group Discount Code through Davis Vision. Click the Davis Vision Logo and take advantage of discounts on eye exams and glasses available exclusively for LIUNA Members.

To locate a participating provider from Davis Vision’s national network with nearly 30,000 points of access, visit our Member site at https://www.davisvision.com/member/ and enter Client Code 7394 in the “Open Enrollment” section, or call 1.888.338.5308.

Vision Plan Benefit Description

Life Insurance Coverage for Our Members Provided by The Hartford

All current and retired dues-paying members are covered automatically by a $20,000.00 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Life Insurance policy underwritten by The Hartford, a company trusted by Americans from all walks of life for over 200 years. 

In addition to the basic Principal Sum benefit, the policy also includes other provisions to help your beneficiaries should they become eligible for payment due to an unforeseen event. The policy premium is included as part of the bi-weekly membership dues so our members do not incur any additional premiums or costs.

Its important to be familiar with the coverage provided by the policy and the exclusions contained in the fine print. We also encourage members to make sure their beneficiary information is up to date so that there is little delay when a claim is filed. For more information, file a claim, or update your beneficiary designations please follow the links below:

Detailed Policy Information


File a Claim
Update Beneficiary Information

Submit all claims or beneficiary updates to life_insurance@liuna-ngdc.org

1. Only current or retired dues-paying members in good standing are eligible for insurance products thru LIUNA NGC Local 1776. Back payment of dues may be allowed to cover the delinquent period(s) in order to achieve good-standing status and be eligible for benefits. Premiums listed include a $1 bi-weekly program management fee.


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